Pick a Giving Gift

Get a week of food

This gift buys food for a family of three for a week.

Many day laborers lost their jobs in Lucknow, India due to shutdowns. They have a hard time to make the little money they need to keep their family from starvation.

Get this gift to make a change.

Save Elephants with Bees

Good fences make good neighbors.

This gift funds one beehive and helps keep the peace between farmers and African elephants. Beehive fences stop 80% of elephants from crop-raiding farms, reducing conflict with humans and improving food security.

Fruits & reforestation

This gift is very fruitful.

Pay for the planting of three fruit trees planted on the edges of land purchased for reforestation. Impoverished locals in remote areas of Costa Rica will then have free, fresh fruit all year-round.

Red Wings Return

No losers -- Macaws return and thrive in Honduras! Occasionally they empty out fruit trees and in a matter of minutes and destroy farmers' livelihood. This gift pays for those losses.

Ride Like the Wind

This gift gets a used bicycle in the hands of a happy proud new owner in Sierra Leone which from this day forward will not have to walk for hours to school or work.

All for One

chirp-chirp-chirp, roar-roar-roar - This gift speaks a thousand languages. Give this gift to anyone and let them decide which cause matters most.

Slice of Paradise

Your gift will fund a football field’s worth of seeds for beautiful flower pathways. Farmers will grow homes for thousands of bees, butterflies, and other pollinators with your seeds — bringing back wildlife to the agriculture landscapes of Upper Austria.

Give Orangutans Land

This Gift buys a plot of rainforest land the size of 15 football fields — so orangutans have a forever home.

Land in Borneo costs approximately $2 per acre. Purchasing vital forest land is the best way to protect it from loggers, poachers, and palm oil companies.

Memes & Meals

Make a meme request @WholesomeDaVinci.

Your purchase funds a week’s worth of meals for a child in need.

Shutdown the Lockdown Hunger

This gift buys enough food for a family of 5 for two weeks.

The pandemic lockdowns in India have cost many day laborers their jobs. They have been left with little to no money to keep malnutrition and starvation at bay.

Chocolate Trees

Coming Soon - [In review by our Changemakers] This Gift will give chocolate trees to turn the poorest into small organic chocolate bean farmers.

Passion Fruit Fence

Coming Soon - [In review by our Changemakers] This Gift will buy passion fruit plants to feed and green up whole neighborhoods in slums in Latin America.

Jumpstart a girls life.

This gift funds three years of quality education for young girls in Rajasthan. Empower the marginalized and break the cruel cycle of poverty.

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