• Ride Like 
    the Wind

    This gift gets a used bicycle in the hands of a happy proud new owner in Sierra Leone which from this day forward will not have to walk for hours to school or work.

    Leaving poverty behind like dust in the wind.
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What is it?

Used bikes are life-changing in rural Sierra Leone.

This gift gets free used bikes in Europe, after a quick fix-up they ship by the hundreds in containers — brightening the future for a new user.

The fix?

Collect used bikes in Western Europe.
Give them a quick tune-up.
Load hundreds of bikes into a large container.
Ship them to where people need them most.
Hand them out.

Next shipment going to:
Sierra Leone, West Africa.

Money impact

This is how money is used

Community impact

A bicycle makes a big difference when your school is hours of walking away from your home. Students with bicycles are less likely to drop out of school and have time and energy for learning and studying.


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Long-term impact

Bicycles improve access to economic and job opportunities, education and access to goods. This sustainable mode of transportation empowers rural communities with a better quality of life.

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