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    This Gift buys a plot of rainforest land the size of 15 football fields — so orangutans have a forever home.

    Land in Borneo costs approximately $2 per acre. Purchasing vital forest land is the best way to protect it from loggers, poachers, and palm oil companies.
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What's to Fix?

Orangutans are critically endangered. They have a low reproductive rate and are easily killed or captured when they venture outside the forest for food. Illegal logging makes it harder for them to find enough food, pushing them towards extinction. They risk capture, injury and death when they venture into villages or come into contact with agricultural crops. Over 50% of orangutans live outside protected forest areas today. They live at the mercy of timber, palm oil and mining companies.

The fix

- Secure and preserve protected forest areas
- Enlarge protected forest areas and create connectors to link up sub-populations
- Support anti-poaching and conservation efforts

Money impact

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Community impact

Orangutan conservation creates more sustainable income opportunities for local communities. This includes recruiting local communities for research, patrolling and enforcement activities.

Meanwhile, ecotourism creates more jobs and revenue streams. This discourages unsustainable forestry practices and the trafficking of orangutans as pets.


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Long-term impact

It is illegal to kill, capture or harm an orangutan in Malaysia and Indonesia. The arm of the law, however, often fails to protect orangutans from deforestation, poaching, forest fires and habitat fragmentation. Today, only 104,700 orangutans remain on the island of Borneo.

Protecting their environment from further degradation is more important than anything else. In the long run, we hope to help the orangutans and villagers live harmoniously in relative proximity. The pet and bushmeat trade will only die when there is a major shift in local perceptions and awareness.

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