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What is it?

Countless families in the northern city of Lucknow, India, are in dire straits. With no jobs and little to no savings to turn to, they have been hit the hardest by the pandemic lockdowns. The lack of food can be just as deadly as a virus.

The fix?

The Berlin-based Conscious Action Network (C. A. N.) is collaborating with the Astha Kiran school in Lucknow to feed those in need.

The school’s staff uses the closed school kitchens to cook food and distributes it to those in need. They have got off to a great start, but many more children are in desperate need for help.

Money impact

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Community impact

Help the most vulnerable sections of Indian society survive until the lockdown ends. They will then be in good health and ready to resume their schooling — as the economy recovers and their parents’ livelihoods are restored.


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Long-term impact

Compassion is wisdom in action. Despite these hard times, we can find new ways to help each other out. Receiving is one part of it; giving is the other. Let’s move away from the “it’s not my problem” mindset and embrace the values of practiced solidarity, togetherness, and compassion.

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