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    No losers -- Macaws return and thrive in Honduras! Occasionally they empty out fruit trees and in a matter of minutes and destroy farmers' livelihood. This gift pays for 10 of those losses.
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What is it?

This gift buys the fruits eaten by wild macaws to offset farmers losses.
Macaws, wonderful birds that thrive in the wild, can empty out a near-by fruit tree in a matter of minutes. Which has resulted in a lot of upset farmers and macaws getting shot. Each gift buys up to 10 fruit tree harvests for farmers with a claim. This will

The fix?

- Farmers send photos of destroyed harvests
- Estimated Loss is calculated
- Payment to the farmer is made
- Farmers are happy birds are safe

Money impact

This is how money is used

Community impact

While progress has been made, the majestic macaw still faces many threats in Honduras. Habitat encroachment (logging and cattle ranching) and illegal poaching are two major concerns.
Meanwhile, the local community is regaining a sense of pride, wonder and responsibility towards their national bird. Schoolchildren who participate in educational outreach programs are less likely to use a slingshot to take down a macaw. Likewise, farmers who are fairly compensated for crop loss will be more tolerant towards these multicolored wonders.


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Long-term impact

During the golden age of Mayan civilization, the scarlet macaw was revered as a spiritual envoy of the gods. From the treetops to hand-carved sculptures to important rituals, the macaw was omnipresent. Their brilliant plumage and shrill vocalizations were a fabric of everyday life.
While the macaw retains some of its ancient symbolism as Honduras’ national bird, they had long disappeared from the skies. Conservationists are now working hard to turn the tide against habitat destruction, poaching, eco-trafficking, and modern indifference.
Based at Copán, a UNESCO-recognized Maya archaeological site, Macaw Mountain aims to re-familiarize Hondurans with the magnificent guacamaya as it returns to the forests and skies it thrived in 1,500 years ago. Your gift will help local farmers — who suffer major losses as a direct result from macaw re-population — become not enemies, but friends.

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