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    chirp-chirp-chirp, roar-roar-roar - This gift speaks a thousand languages. Give this gift to anyone and let them decide which cause matters to them the most.
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What is it?

Each BlueQ gift supports a special cause. Give your recipient the opportunity to decide which one speaks straight to their heart.

The fix?

We build relationships with each other by exchanging objects. But in modern society, gift culture has become a highly commercialized routine. Shopping and delivery are easier than ever, resulting in more and more unwanted (but politely received and reciprocated) gifts that harm the environment.
Instead of giving commodities to each other, let’s give gifts that keep on giving.

Money impact

This is how money is used

Community impact

Gifts are traditionally a sign of friendship, honor, compassion, and way of building relationships. In a global and interconnected world, the gifts we buy for each other affect communities near and far.

We believe that giving good gifts can create a stronger global community. Give gifts with a purpose, for a purpose.


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Long-term impact

You become a Master Gift Giver and we get closer to extinct unwanted gifts forever.

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