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    This gift funds three years of quality education for young girls in Rajasthan. Empower the marginalized and break the cruel cycle of poverty.
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What is it?

The northern state of Rajasthan has the lowest literacy rate (57.6%) for women and the second worst overall literacy rate (69.7%) in India. 43.7% of girls and women over the age of 5 have never benefited from any formal education.

Your gift will pay for three years of classes and education supplies for uneducated and undereducated girls in the remote villages of Rajasthan. It will improve literacy levels, employability and the quality of life for this generation and the next

The fix?

RSKS Org. have pioneered alternative educational models that target girls from the poorest and most marginalized communities. "Patshala" schools for students who have fallen behind the national standard and/or dropped out from formal schooling ensures that hundreds of girls get a quality education and better opportunities in the workforce.

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Community impact

The project gives girls from Lucknow their luck now. Once they become members of this school, they start their journey to a different life, so they can blossom into the educated women they deserve to be. The organization helps 250 girls and, in addition to this, it employs 21 staff members and provides jobs for local community members. This is why the project needs around $2200 a month to provide everyone with the necessary things for a proper education.


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Long-term impact

There is evidence that children from underprivileged areas may suffer from health issues and have difficulties in long-term functioning. By helping them now, not only we give these young girls a better life, but we ensure their education so that they can fully tap into their potential and become successful adults who will contribute to a better future.

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