Change makers

Our change makers, give it their all
for our gifts

Awesome humans

At all times, thousands of humans work feverishly to fix all that is wrong in our world.
They may sleep in huts to protect the last gorillas from poachers, or they may improve human lives by bringing supplies to build freshwater wells in countries we
haven’t even heard of.

Pick a cause

A change-maker starts out just like you and me.
But one day they get up and start applying themselves for the greater good.
They step into the wild, give their time, so we can enjoy the gifts
our Earth has to offer for generations. It’s those change-makers who put the GIVE into every GIFT, here on BeBlueQ.

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Every change-maker is a testimony
of what human imagination, tenaciousness,
fearlessness and sheer awesomeness can create. 
Change-makers are on the ground, hands-on, getting the change we all need done.
BeBlueQ is the platform showing their amazing work and challenges. BlueQ simplifies getting money for their changes and needs, in order to fix what is wrong in the world.

Change makers manifesto

These principles guide us through every-day decision making
Get it done
Have clear goals about what a gift can achieve.
Report back when completed.
Be fast, and we are fast to help.
No bureaucracy
Do the right thing. We couldn’t care less if you
are a non-profit, for-profit business,
group, or alone.
No religion and no politics
Religion is not involved at all and
everyone is welcome.
We don’t support or oppose politics.
The horse’s mouth
We talk with the founders or CEOs,
as well as the people on the ground,
to see the vision and impact.
Be smart
Create immediate impact and
long-term results.
Innovate and create an opportunity
for change.
Be resourceful
We support agile, fast-moving teams, and
we are not a fan of talkers, planners, or
large management structures. We
hate overhead!

Become a
BlueQ Change-Maker

Become a BlueQ change-maker
Get involved in projects from all around the world.
Become a BlueQ change-maker and start selling your gift of giving!
Our community reviews each application.
This process may take a little bit, but we will always reach back.

Start helping other BlueQ
change-makers around the world

Start helping other BlueQ
change-makers around the world
Get in touch with other change-makers to offer your help, get informed or start your own project. Connect with our community now!
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