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How it started:

Day 1: Need a gift for a friend out of town.
Day 2: What to get for tomorrow's bday party?
Day 3: Found out: $16 billion unwanted gifts get trashed a year.
...we got to work
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Sven Beerweiler

BQ team, CEO/Founder
San Diego, USA / Stuttgart, Germany /Salzburg, Austria
If I could be an animal, I'd be a Swan - walk, swim, fly, fearless but friendly, curious, can live anywhere. But I am Sven, just plugging away. 

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Melanie K.
Sven is an authentically curious and loving changemaker with lightning bolts...
Bob N.
I had the pleasure of working for Sven at a...
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Marco Fiorio

San Vito Costa Rica / Milano Italy, / San Felipe Mexico
I respect every life form, I believe we are a whole thing with our planet and universe
for me growing and planting organic is a philosophy my dream is an organic sustainable world where all the living creature live in harmony

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Melanie Kay

BlueQ Ambassador
USA / Digital Nomad 

Loving every person, plant, mineral, animal and crystalline spirit that brings more Peace, Harmony and Creative Community to this beloved planet. 
I am bridging inspired, sustainable, revolutionary projects from all over the globe to the collective through BlueQ's innovative gifting platform
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Svetoslav Stoyanov

VP Software
Shumen, Bulgaria
Working on web projects which make a big impact is what inspires me. Calm, loyal, and always ready to help - that's me. I get stuff done with God's help. Love travelling, cooking, cycling and  cars.
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Sven B.

Svet is very skilled, a cornerstone since 20??. He typically responds in four letter emails: "DONE".

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Dragana Krstic

Design / Assets
Novi Sad/SER/Serbia
I fulfill myself by helping others and doing beautiful things for loved ones.
"Happiness is made up of little things".
Love nature and my amazing dog.

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Sven B.

Dragana is essential for BlueQ and helps with designs and our lovely greeting cards.

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Max Nilov

Senior Head of Design
Moscow, Russia
Design is life for me. From the heart.
Professionally designing for over 17 years.

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